Announcement | Cloisonne

Since ancient times, “the world is white with the sound of the rooster”, the rooster’s crowing always accompanied the dawn in the east, announcing the end of the long night and the arrival of dawn. Therefore, the rooster has always been a symbol of positive sunshine and perseverance in the folk. In Hokkien, “chicken” and “home” have the same pronunciation, so the rooster is also given the meaning of “starting a home”, which blesses a successful career and a prosperous family. In addition, the life characteristics of the rooster properly reflect the five virtues of literature, martial arts, courage, benevolence, and faith, so it is often regarded as a model of a gentleman by the common people and is used to ward off evil spirits in the house.

Cloisonne’s “The Rooster Announces Dawn” is beautifully made and carefully made – the rooster stands on the rocky rock like waves, raising its head and chirping, exuding a momentum of riding the wind and waves and moving forward bravely. The spray rock blocks are decorated with filigree flowers, and a variety of flowers become vivid and colorful under the interplay of various enamel glazes, implying that life is colorful and blooming everywhere. The head, crown, wattles, beak, and even the claws of the rooster are all gilt bronze, implying complete wealth and honor. Its neck feathers, front chest, and legs are painted with detailed and colorful patterns, and the front chest is even engraved with the “Qianlong Year” mark against the background of panchi and auspicious lotus patterns, which confirms the exquisiteness of royal craftsmanship. The wings of the rooster have three levels: ink feathers, flower strings, and plantains, reflecting the custom of the working people to pray for unity and harmony and a great family business. Perfect ending.