“Peach Garden” Seat Screen | Mahogany

The folding screen of “Taoyuan Visits” is solemn and elegant, with an relic looks. The red and purple wood is engraved with auspicious patterns – two dragons playing with pearls, blessings to the door, four seasons of peace, and other themes are distributed above and below the screen, set off a painting of “Taoyuan Visits” in the middle. Rendering a beautiful atmosphere of full house harmony and harmonious time. The brushes in the picture are delicate, with thick ink and light colors, and outline the two levels of landscape and characters. In the distant view of Yaowang, the mountains are undulating, in hue of emerald green and the spring water is adjacent to the trees. As for the front, it is the classic scene of the famous article “Peach Blossom Spring”. A fisherman strayed into the Peach Blossom Spring accidentally, the old man stepped forward to ask, there’s is a group of children watching curiously behind the old man. The two were greeting each other, and the rest of the villagers couldn’t help but be amazed. Men, women, young and old came to greet each other, and locked into a picture of harmony that was full of joy & cordiality.

There are scrolls on the left and right of the screen: “The pine window is green around the clouds for a long time, and the fragrance of the orchid is very clear.” It means that the environment of the house is quiet, surrounded by green pine trees outside the window, and the towering ancient trees are towering to the clouds. The fragrance of children is introduced into the room with the morning dew, and the elegant and dull day begins. Therefore, the mahogany screen of “Peach Garden” depicts a place where there is no trouble and no disputes, enough to find peace of mind.