“Female General Expedition” Ivory Screen | Mahogany

Wherever a female general goes, the beasty warriors follow bravely!

In the ancient times, in a cruel and bloody battlefield, those who can pick up heavy weapons, use martial arts to fight against the enemy flexibly, and swear to defend their country and country to the death, are mostly tough and good men. Women are soft and charming and are often considered to be only suitable for weaving and embroidery at home, and it is enough to take care of the house. But Zhonghua’s daughter is full of enthusiasm, free and easy, and her heart to serve the country has never lost to any man. In China’s long history, there are many female generals who bravely stood up when the country was in crisis, shouldered the responsibility of defending their homeland and defended the country, and led troops to fight against the war together with a group of men. For example, the well-known Hua Mulan joined the army on behalf of her father, with both loyalty and filial piety. In her more than ten years of military career, she has repeatedly defeated invading nations; Princess Pingyang of the Tang Dynasty led tens of thousands of women’s troops, and Li Shimin joined forces to conquer Chang’an and establish the world of the Tang Dynasty; Jun, Liang Hongyu, Mrs. Wa, Su Sanniang and others, generations of female generals have left traces in the annals of history one after another, telling the world that women are not allowed to be men, and women also have the demeanor of generals!

The ivory folding screen of “Female General’s Expedition” is simple and stable in shape, and its volume is dexterous and atmospheric. The upper part is engraved with different styles of female generals when they are marching and fighting, and the lower part is engraved with lions, unicorns, elephants, and other auspicious animals to follow, implying that the heroic generals are heroic and protect them with all their strength. Peace in the world!