“Apprenticeship Table” Liuhe screen | Board

The author of “Apprenticeship List” is Zhuge Liang, an outstanding statesman in ancient China. He was wise in his life and repeatedly created military miracles that shocked the world. He helped Liu Bei, the first lord of the Han Dynasty, to slay a bloody path in the Three Kingdoms period when the heroes were fighting. He created the Shuhan regime and Cao Cao and Sun Quan. story.

“Apprenticeship List” was written at the end of the Three Kingdoms. At that time, Liu Bei entrusted the country to Zhuge Liang before his death, hoping that he would help his son Liu Shan to complete the great cause of restoring the Han Dynasty. Zhuge Liang was loyal, kind, and righteous. Even though he was in power, he still managed the country in an orderly manner and devoted himself to assisting Liu Shan in his succession. After settling the kingdom of Shu, Zhuge Liang did not forget Liu Bei’s last wish and decided to march north to unify the world to restore the Han Dynasty. Before leaving, Zhuge Liang wrote a petition in the “Apprenticeship List”, which exhorted Liu Chan, as a monarch, to have clear rewards and punishments, to be close to worthy ministers, and to be far from humble ones, to trust and rely on the civil servants and military generals who followed the previous emperor, and to listen to other people’s opinions more. , and don’t underestimate yourself too much, and make decisions bravely and decisively at all times.

The six-height screen in “Apprenticeship Table” has a simple and simple shape, like the pages of an ancient military book. It completely records Zhuge Liang’s far-sighted political suggestions. Placing it in the hall is not only the inheritance of wisdom, but also the education of future generations, and it is also the entrustment of family business.