“The Triumphant Return” Round Screen | Mahogany

The mahogany folding screen of “Return of Triumph” shows a great news that is very exciting, that is, the family members have won great victory in life and career, and they have been congratulated by the neighbors, relatives, and friends. The folding screen is specially designed to be round, indicating that the merit is complete and the profit is high. On the screen is a picture of the triumph of the army – green mountains and green waters, ancient towns, heroes returning with swords, and returning home in honor of the song of victory.

The general rode a horse and walked at the front of the team. He was majestic and proud, as if at dawn after a long darkness, he broke through the fog and chased the light, bringing a happy atmosphere into the home. Beside the general, the flag-bearer waved the flag, the army logo fluttered in the wind, raising the pride of the victor, and the lieutenant guarded loyally by his side, protecting the stability of the people here. In addition, a group of infantry soldiers followed closely behind them. The soldiers’ postures were powerful and confident, which meant that the generals had good governance and won the support of many talents.

After a long battle and a long journey, the successful general seems to have only his parents, wife, and children left in his eyes. He stretches out his hand to greet the family standing in front of the house from a distance, but seeing his wife holding the child in his arms is relieved and smiling, and the mature young man beside him is also graceful. Pleasant, with a face that could not hide the admiration for his father, and the elderly parents were beaming when they saw their child returning home, happy that the family finally ushered in reunion. At this time, when the neighbors learned the news of the victory, they gradually gathered over to applaud and celebrate, adding to the joy and icing on the cake. There is a mahogany screen of “Return of Triumph” displayed in front of the door, which will usher in a good harvest for both business and family sooner or later. The base of the screen is also specially engraved with the theme of “Lion Rolling Ball”, which means that the auspicious beasts are guarded, and good things will often come in the future.