Antlers chair | Rosewood

Antler Chair, a unique seat with Manchu characteristics. If the Taishi chair, the armchair, the throne, etc. are all ancient classic furniture, then the antler chair can stand out from these mainstreams because it can best represent the Manchu Dynasty. The antler chair is a seat made of antlers. The Manchus in the Qing Dynasty were a nation on horseback, good at riding and archery, and advocating force. After entering the Central Plains, although the society was gradually moving towards stability and prosperity, the Manchu Dynasty still did not dare to slack off martial arts. The emperors of the past dynasties would hunt regularly, and they would often assess the riding and archery abilities of their princes and grandsons, so as to be vigilant for future generations to be prepared for danger and not forget the fundamentals of the country. Therefore, from the time of Emperor Taizong Huang Taiji, whenever the emperor hunted and shot deer, he would make the antlers into a chair, and sit on it, which means chasing the deer in the Central Plains and ruling the world! Gradually, the antler chair has become a must-have chair for the emperors of the Qing Dynasty, representing following the achievements and teachings of the ancestors, while showing off personal hunting skills, so as to shock all directions! This antler chair is made of rosewood to restore the shape of antlers. From the backrest frame to the armrests, it stretches in the posture of antlers, which shows the artistry of the virgin forest. The Emperor Qianlong’s poem carved in the center of the backrest is more like the finishing touch. There is no doubt that the development of the spirit and style is obvious, and it makes people feel as stable as Mount Tai when they sit down.