Auspicious Golden Phoenix | Flower silk inlaid Cloisonne

“Golden Phoenix Showing Auspiciousness” was personally created by Mr. Liu Yongsen, a master of Chinese arts and crafts, using two of Yanjing’s eight stunts – cloisonne and filigree inlay. Cloisonne is copper cloisonné enamel, which is an exclusive craft for palace furnishings; filigree inlay is fine gold craftsmanship, which is a combination of “filigree” and “inlay” techniques, mainly used to make royal palace ornaments. “Golden Phoenix Showing Auspiciousness” follows the traditional court techniques. After careful conception and planning, it delicately combines cloisonné enamel and filigree inlay elements to show the peerless elegance of the peacock. A rare treasure in the world, only 1999 pieces are released worldwide.

Peacock is the king of birds. It is said that it is the incarnation of the phoenix coming to the world, symbolizing the combination of yin and yang of heaven and earth. In addition, the peacock has been recognized by the world as an auspicious bird and a yang bird since ancient times. It is a beautiful, kind, intelligent, luxurious, freedom-loving, and peace-loving bird. If this bird perches in the family, the family, and everything will be prosperous. The wife is dignified, beautiful, gentle, and virtuous. Know how to work with her husband Qin Se and Ming, take care of the family and children together, and work together to build a happy family. The peacock is gorgeous, especially when the screen is opened, it makes the world lose its color in an instant. The radiance is like a god walking in the world. If mortals see this rare sight, they will regard it as a sign of good luck. “Golden Phoenix Shows Auspiciousness” vividly shows the grace and shock of the peacock when it opens its screen, which means beauty, perfection, auspiciousness, and well-being.     

The production process of “Jinfeng Chengxiang” filigree inlaid with cloisonne is cumbersome and lengthy. The filigree needs to melt gold, silver, copper, and other raw materials and then draw into filaments. For inlaying, the metal sheet needs to be made into a base or a claw-shaped groove by techniques such as setback, hammer, beating, boring, beating, collapsing, squeezing, and inlaying, and then pearls, gemstones, etc. are inlaid into it. The expression of “Golden Phoenix Showing Auspiciousness” is vivid and vivid. The peacock’s feathers and tail feathers are all woven with gold threads. The wings are spread out and the appearance is gorgeous and majestic. With the peacock’s body, crown, pseudo-eyes, and other parts inlaid with jewels, the whole work is ostentatious. It is even more jewel-like, full of palace style, and reflects the precious value of its ingenuity from the inside out.