Backing Return | Red Sandalwood

The cauldron is an important ritual vessel in the ancient pre-Qin period, used to symbolize the state power and the status of the emperor. In ancient times, the “Jiu Ding” was kept by the Zhou royal family, symbolizing the unification of Kyushu and the domination of the world. At that time, it was rumored that “the one who wins the nine cauldrons will win the world”. The nine cauldrons represent the highest power, and the ambitious King Zhuang of Chu wanted to seize power. He even asked the Zhou royal family about the size and weight of the nine cauldrons. Ended with failure. After thousands of years, the nine cauldrons were lost, and the Chinese dynasties were changed again and again until later emperors such as Wu Zetian and Song Huizong ordered the nine dings to be recast. This can’t help people to reflect, is it possible to gain the world only after obtaining the Nine Tripods, or after obtaining the world, the natural prosperity will come back?

So far, Cauldrons still has symbols related to the power of the royal family. The “Return of Dingsheng” made by lobular red sandalwood is simple in color, dark brown with purple air, very solemn, and solemn in the pre-Qin royal family. The surrounding of the tripod is full of ancient totems, and there are many guardian beasts. People admire the courage to pursue a great cause and benefit one group of people.