Baifu Fengshui Pillar · Golden Hoe Stick | Red Sandalwood

Monkey King’s personal weapon, the Ruyi Golden Hoop Stick, can be used to slay demons and ghosts when it is advanced, and it can be used to stabilize the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea. The master can be very handy in the workplace, and secondly, in life, he is unrestrained and leisurely like a great sage.

The golden hoop stick is originally Zhenhai’s Dinghaishen needle iron. It has the energy to stabilize people’s hearts and smooth the waves, making the host’s aura more profound and stable, and has become the object of support from the masses. In addition, the Ruyi Golden Hoop is made of precious and hard lobular red sandalwood, which guards the house all year round, which further enhances the majestic temperament of the master.

The Baifu Fengshui column helps to improve the overall fortune. In addition to the shape of a golden hoop, there are also a total of 100 different fonts of the word “Fu” engraved on both ends of the head and tail. Wealth comes and good things come.” Fu Lu’s double happiness has a good atmosphere.