Baifu Maitre

Indian Lagua Rosewood “Baifu Maitreya” is full of blessings. The Maitreya Bodhisattva is transformed into a variety of icons. It is surrounded by Bai Fuxiang carved in the middle of the middle. Extinction is endless, and we have given us blessings such as wealth, official positions, fame, and health and health. As Maitreya Bodhisattva swims in our lives, and write a hundred “blessings”, inviting hundreds of joyful blessings, invulnerable to anything.

Hundred Blessing is a auspicious pattern that combines a hundred different “blessings”. It covers the ancient Chinese characters of various dynasties such as script, Lishu, Kaishu, and Xingshu. It has the shelter of the Millennium National Games and bless everyone with good luck and good things. Baifu also represents Duofu. If there are members of the official at home, collecting Hundred Blessing can bless the official Yun Hengtong and Fuxing Gao Zhao; if there are members of business in the family, Hundred Blessing can bless the financial resources and make money. You can recruit good news for your home anyway.