Best Po Lian Lantern | Rosewood

The lotus lantern is a magic weapon in Chinese myths and legends. It was passed down by the Empress Nuwa to the Mother of Mount Tai to help her protect the mountain and protect Mount Tai from being shaken in the slightest by the outside world. Once the lotus lantern is lit, it will shine brightly. Its light is enough to illuminate the world and exorcise evil spirits. No matter all kinds of monsters or gods from all directions, they will be shocked by the power it radiates, and they will surrender from the bottom of their hearts. It is an instrument left by the ancient gods. It has unfathomable power and innate majesty. Because it has protected Mount Tai for a long time, it has a lot of auspicious meanings. Therefore, people in the world have always hoped to have a lotus lantern.

The “Superior Lotus Lamp” of rosewood has a retro and noble shape, and has an all-round three-dimensional engraving of the lotus pattern around the branches, creating a mysterious and powerful temperament of ancient totems. These carvings are thick and thin, and are lifelike, especially the handles at the left and right ends, which seem to have phoenix wings flying into the sky, which are closely connected with the lion head at the neck, showing a prosperous atmosphere of deep blessing and protection of divine beasts. Getting the lotus lantern and putting it in the house can not only protect the health of the family, but also illuminate the future of life, find the right direction for us, and there are noble people to follow along the way, everything goes smoothly, and finally, the achievement that everyone admires, standing on the top of the pyramid shine.