The shape of the bottle is derived from the jade pot spring bottle. This bottle has a typical blue and white bottle shape, with blue and white banana leaf pattern on the neck and lotus pattern on the abdomen, and “green” stands for “qing”, “lian” stands for “honest”, and the green lotus together, it is representing incorruptibility, it contains the desire of the Qing Dynasty court to hope that the current government is clean and incorrupt. In addition, the outer wall of the bottle is decorated with blue and white, with sea wave pattern and ruyi cloud pattern on the lip, and back pattern, tangled flower pattern, and ruyi pattern on the shoulder, and then separated from the abdomen by several string patterns to undertake the bottom. The lotus petal pattern, the circle foot curling grass pattern, each layer is sparse and clear, showing the beautiful color of the blue and white shades.

The bottom of this product is written in blue and white with the six-character double-line regular script inscription “Made in the Guangxu Year of the Qing Dynasty”. It is a display device of the Qing court. It is now sold at Sotheby’s New York, June 11-22, 2021, lot 38. The overall condition of the bottle is in good condition, with only slight normal wear and tear on the surface.