Bogu frame | Elm

The color of the elm bogu frame is gray-brown and yellowish, tall and angular, like a seven-foot man, standing in the living room to welcome the arrival of relatives and friends from all over the world. The so-called exposition of ancient and modern, wide acceptance of hundreds of rivers, Bogujia is a furniture for displaying various antiques and boutiques.

The whole Bogu shelf adopts an asymmetric but balanced composition technique. Each area is divided into circles, squares, rectangles, etc. Some of them are open at the front and back, neat and neat, and some have cabinet doors, which are mysterious and obscure so that collectors can freely according to the situation. Switch between items you want to store or display. In addition, the shelf also has the function of indoor partition, which creates a artistic sense of space.

The ancient frame of elm wood is stable and elegant and is engraved with various decorations such as dark eight immortals, plum vases, cloud patterns, fringe patterns, and door nails of the Forbidden City. Even the door locks and door handles are not sloppy. It can be seen from the details of the various shapes, and the attention is paid to everywhere. If combined with other furniture, it will definitely be versatile and interesting.