Boutique Flower Book | Red Sandalwood

The ancients said: “People are divided into three, six, and nine, and wood is divided into rosewood and red sandalwood.” Small-leaf red sandalwood enjoys a transcendent status in wood. Based on lobular red sandalwood, the Chinese classic fringe pattern is the design, so that the flower stand has a stable structure and also contains traditional cultural connotations.

The square loop pattern composed of horizontal and vertical short lines is called “hui” because it resembles the Chinese character “hui”. It has flexible lines and repeated loops, bringing longevity and longevity. It is a kind of good intention, and even some residents in some areas even extend it as “rich and noble continue to head”, and regard it as a lucky totem to attract money and wealth.

This flower stand is simple in style but has far-reaching meaning. The material is single but noble. The overall look and feel is not too complicated, but not too delicate, showing a low-key and luxurious family style.