Buddhist Cave Sky | Ancient Sunken Wood

Maitreya Buddha smiled and opened his mouth to laugh, but the world was troubled. Big Belly Maitreya Buddha is a happy Buddha who specializes in “Giving Happiness”. For those who are entangled in their thoughts and full of troubles, if they can have Maitreya Buddha by their side, their thoughts will gradually be liberated, and their mood will gradually become open-minded. Suddenly, there’s some understanding of people and things that you have always ignored, and you will no longer be incessant and laugh. Just like the tightly clasped hands that are finally willing to spread out; the tensed heartstrings are finally relaxed, that is, one is at ease, everything can be put into chatting and laughing, and facing life with an optimistic and happy attitude, so no matter what you are wherever you are, there will be a paradise on earth, a fairyland on earth, it seems that Maitreya Buddha is guarding, bringing you infinite joy, wishing you a worry-free, peaceful and happy life, and full of good expectations for the future.