Building Cabinet | Rosewood

The building-style cabinet made of rosewood is full of whimsy. It integrates the most proud architectural feature of ancient China, “pavilion” into the furniture design, which fully reflects the Chinese cultural complex, and also presents the diversity and tolerance of art. sex. The rosewood pavilion-style cabinets have a total of four floors, and each layer has a unique style. There are independent houses on the top floor, with the moon door as the window and the double dragon playing with the pearl as the top, interpreting the most interesting Chinese charm. Next, on the third floor is a mirror-style cabinet door with an open courtyard. There are beasts guarding it on the left and right, so you can safely display your collections. On the second floor, there are two squares of the same shape, only one is a mirror door and the other is a closed carving. There are smart and graceful lotus blooming, which means the spring breeze and the original intention. Finally, the base layer of the floor-style cabinet directly spans the cabinet, which is tall and spacious enough to display relatively atmospheric collections, and also reflects the down-to-earth virtue of the Chinese nation. In addition, the cabinet is covered with silver carvings and auspicious knots. From a distance, it looks like the pavilion is exquisitely stepping on the clouds, which is full of fairy wind.