Carved Dragon Light Pillar | Old Rosewood

Even in the middle of the night, a crescent moon was suspended in the air, and the faint light shone into the vast palace, and only vague figures could be seen in front of the desk. Gently blowing the fire, lighting up the pair of carved dragon lamp posts in the room, the king’s stern face was instantly clear, adding a touch of seriousness to this silent night. The long night is long, and only the lamp is accompanied. In many tireness nights, only the lamp knows, and there are many inexhaustible thoughts in my heart.

The old rosewood “carved dragon lamp columns” is tall and tall, and the whole body is covered with dragon patterns. The harmonious and unified sculpture spreads out of the feelings of the royal owner. Putting in the study can create a calm atmosphere. It is divided into three parts: lamp house, pillar body, and column foundation. Lantern is octagonal, eight facing the same “four dragons and longevity” maps. It has a gourd scoop, and there is a carved railing shadow. Light the silent night. It is supported by square pillars under the lamp house. The dragon totem is engraved in the southeast and northwest of its head, and the “Shuanglong Fushou” map is carved on the middle of the sides. The column body is down to carry the columns of the entire lamp column. It stands up in the shape of a cloud to ensure the balance and effectively prevent the erosion of the wood on the wood. The rosewood “carved dragon lamp columns” calmly at the atmosphere, put the candlelight in the room, retain a warm flame in our hearts, and accompany us to continue struggling in the cold night.