Celebrate Xianxian Zhu Shoutu Begonia Zun

Begonia barrel is a rare lacquerware in the Qing Dynasty. The whole body is in the shape of Begonia petals, it has sloping shoulder, deep belly, cylinder base with a wide bottom. The inside and bottom of the statue are painted with black lacquer, and the outside of the statue is painted with red lacquer. The edge of the mouth and edge of the foot has the same width, and each is carved with a circle pattern, and the neck is carved with banana leaves, and the blank canvas is fill with the tortoise-back brocade ground pattern, the shoulders and ring feet are also carved with a circle of twisted lotus patterns. The belly of the bareel is themed with the painting of “群仙祝壽圖” (Congratulations on the Birthday of the Immortals). Consecrated in the middle, with the intertwined branches of the lotus pattern as intervals, and four sets of congratulate painting are depicted respectively. There are three figures in them, namely a master and two boys, Master wearing a cloth robe in an angelic demeanor, sometimes holding a staff, sometimes holding a peach, sometimes holding Ruyi. The boys are smart & energetic, hugging the birthday treasures such as flower baskets, gourd bottles, books, longevity peaches, etc., the atmosphere is harmonious and happy. In the painting, there are three uniquely delicate layers of brocade as the background , representing water, land, and clouds respectively.

This product was sold at Bonhams on May 27, 2021, no. 79. It is an ornamental vase from the Qing Palace collection. There is a recent example in the National Palace Museum, Taipei, for no. 32. In addition, the Victoria and Albert Museum in the UK also has a Qing Qianlong carved red begonia for reference. The carved pattern is similar to this, and the collection number is 904-1873.