Chair | Rosewood

The top seat, the most noble symbol in the world. In the ancient Ming and Qing dynasties, only the emperor or the powerful ministers were qualified to use the chair, and it was only used for travel. In addition to living in the palace, the ancient emperors occasionally went out for inspections, outings, and hunting. These journeys were far away, and it was inevitable to take a break in the middle. The emperor was the honor of the ninety-five, and naturally he could not stand, sit or lie anywhere. At this time, it was specially for the emperor. The appointed chair will come in handy, with its solemn, luxurious and portable characteristics, it is used to serve the emperor and rest comfortably in the suburbs.

The top chair is named after its legs are crossed and can be folded. Later, it was also called “walking chair” or “hunting chair” because it was mostly used on the march and hunting. This kind of chair is often made of precious wood, especially the huanghuali top chair, which is rare in the world. Today, the price in the market is always high. When it has been auctioned by Sotheby’s and Christie’s, the world’s two largest auction houses, the transaction price has remained at More than $500,000. Therefore, among the Chinese-style classical furniture, Huanghuali often occupies the most prominent position.

Rosewood is often a set of double sets. The back of the chair is a smooth and beautiful semi-circular shape. The design of the “C” curve based on ergonomics is based on ergonomics. The backplane of the circle chair is usually carved with auspicious patterns such as Kirin, Dragon, Ruyi, etc. to highlight the clear spirit of Qingling. The curve of the back of the chair winding to both ends of the handrail will be skimmed inward to form a “crescent armrest”, and then connect the wide seat and foot plates. The body releases pressure from the inside out to reach a state of relaxation. In addition, some more than a century of Rosewood chairs are also woven to mesh seats with ropes, adding air circulation to provide soft comfort, and perfectly integrate the two extreme temperament of respect and simplicity.