Chaobee | Milmyl Burma

The hemp willow ebony wood has fine grain and smooth cut surface. On the rugged and winding path of practice, the practitioners put their hands together and look at the direction of the Buddha in a devout pilgrimage, as if reciting words in their mouths. Here, there are no five senses on the face of the practitioner, which means that all living beings are equal. The practitioner can be every face and every person.

The Buddha is tall, with a bowl in his left hand, a “Fearless Seal” in his right hand, and a heart seal with the word “swastika” on his chest. He stares at everyone calmly and kindly, symbolizing that the Buddha is everywhere, and pays attention to everyone all the time, and blesses all beings. Wisdom is perfect, merit is perfect. “Shi Wuwei Seal” is reassuring and peaceful; “Swastika” represents “the collection of auspicious virtues”. The Buddha gave these blessings to all sentient beings with a bowl, wishing everyone a happy, happy, and auspicious life.