Character Screen | Mahogany

“Figures Hanging Portrait” is a set of four paintings. Each painting have its own unique storyline, and together they are a lively scene of “Spring Banquet Tour”, which is very story-like. The hanging portrait is derived from the folding screen, inheriting the elegant temperament of China, but no longer provides the function of furniture, and evolve as a pure decoration to show the ancient Chinese culture and carving skills. Hanging Portrait first appeared in the early Qing Dynasty, and the two emperors, Yongzheng and Qianlong, were especially fond of them. We don’t know how many portraits were hung in the palaces of the emperor and his concubines’ room, yet the number is uncountable. Now that the times have transcend, the noble palaces, beauties, and furnishings are no longer there, but when we pick up these old things and hang them on the wall, can we feel the little bits of their life?

The theme of the hanging portrait is set out in an outdoor tour during spring, surrounded by green hills, but the sound of water can be heard without seeing the stream. between the mountains and rivers where difference between morning and evening is unapparent, the young woman washes her clothes on the water, calm and elegant. The picture slowly moves to the right, the girl is taming pets, playing for fun, the atmosphere is bright and hearty. Then there is the gentle and virtuous wife who is kneeling to worship the sky and praying for her family. The musician next to her is waiting quietly, ready to play a melodious tune at any time to add to the excitement of the banquet that is about to start.