Chumhong Bo Ancient Flower Equipment Box

The carrying box is composed of two “convex” shapes to form a “concave” shape, which is unevenly unique. The carrying box uses the art of lacquer carving to depict Bogu flower patterns on the utensils, showing the gorgeous luxury of the “Qianlong” Dynasty. The six sides of the box are engraved with different groups of Bogu flower patterns, including an elephant leg vase, chicken leg vase, appreciation vase, and other vases. Four seasons of flowers are placed in the interior, and there are elegant incense, scriptures, auspicious animals, banana fans pattern, and so on. In addition, the Bogu flower pattern uses the tortoise pattern as the brocade and the kidnapper dragon pattern as the frame, where the outside of the frame is embossed with the pattern of tangled branches and frangipani, paving a prosperous scene. The top of the carrying box is set with a gilt bronze handle with the word “喜” (translated as happiness), and there are drawers on both sides of the handle. When you open the two Cabinet doors on the front, you can see that there are four compartments and two drawers inside, decorated with grinding and tortoise pattern. In addition, the drawer handles and the copper parts of the facade are all made of gilt bronze, but the doorposts are decorated with Bats and Vases as the Doors, which means blessing and peace.

This is a private collection in Hong Kong, sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong, 20/21 May 1987, no. 595, and now sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong, 26/27 May 2021, no. 317. This case was made by the Qing Palace Construction Office and was used for the storage of study accessories in the palace. One of the Qing Palace Collection, now in the Palace Museum, Beijing, is shown in The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum: Lacquerware of the Qing Dynasty, Hong Kong, 2006, pl. 45. Another recent reference, with the same Bogu flowers, should be paired with this, sold at Bonhams Hong Kong, 28 May 2019, lot 136.