Chumhong Qiu Mountain Fish Laitu Begonia Cover

This box is a red-picking work from the “Qianlong” period. The carvings are neat and delicate, complex and interesting. The box is in the shape of a begonia flower, with a wooden body, black lacquer on the inside, dark and translucent, and red lacquer on the outside, which is auspicious and brilliant. The big red lacquer carving has the meaning of welcoming blessings and happiness, and the picture on the cover box conveys a picture of peace and contentment and living a prosperous life. The lid of the box is both embossed with sea ripples as the bottom and fringe patterns and lotus patterns as the frame. It is lined with a harmonious village. There are ancient trees and lush mountains in the distance. Going across the river, pedestrians pass by on the road, and there are leisurely stops to enjoy the scenery, while the fishermen on the side are throwing fishing nets, it can also be seen that the harvest is huge, and they are overjoyed. A matching engraved letters on the edge of the lid B OX, the Petals of the Begonia Are Exquisite, Protruding Part Has Four Seasons of Flowers, and the Concave Part Has the Eight Treasmm.

The overall look represents auspicious, dignified, and elegant.This is a good device for a study desk. This product has been handed down from the Qianlong period to the present. It is now sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong on May 26/27, 2021 , no. 515. The overall condition is still pristine, but there are small peeling and partial finishing on the edge, and carved edges The corners are also slightly knocked and cracked, which is normal.