Cloisonne Dragon Bar Bar | “State Instrument 2019”

“Blogen 2019” Cloisonne Big Dragon Tank is a masterpiece for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the New China and the 600th anniversary of the Forbidden City. “Stand up” to “get rich”, and then go to the historic leap. Cloisonne Dragon Tibetan can be used as a prototype in accordance with the “Ming Xuande’s silk enamel cloud dragon pattern lid” collected by the British Museum. In addition to the dedication of the ancestor, it also preach that New China has entered a new era full of creativity, and is standing on the basis of the traditional basis.       

Dai Jialin is a Chinese palace-level Cloisonne Master. For the first time, it has created the “vertical decoration method” and “crystal blue dot blue method”, introducing the cloisonne crafts into a better state. He graduated from the Beijing Academy of Arts Design and is particularly sensitive to the matching and use of colors. He pays great attention to the overall color sense of the work. Therefore, he is also called “the first person in the Chinese Cloisonne Blue Color” by the industry. At the same time, Dai Jialin followed the old system of the production of the Cloisonne Blue Bar can, and also upgraded all aspects of glaze, color, and craftsmanship, integrated national advanced technologies into traditional craftsmanship, and showed continuous inheritance and development. Cloisonne Dragon can have such a special significance, which is a well-deserved national instrument in China in 2019. Therefore, it is sincerely distributed in 2019 to share this glory with the people.       

As a benchmark in the field, its skills and temperament are called by the benchmark in the field. Different from the traditional Jingtai blue and meticulous style, the overall design of the dragon can is more thick and simple -the body is rich and the belly is harvested, and the round roll is along the round cover. It takes the five-claw yellow dragon as the main character, hovers on the top of the cover, and the two tails are on the tank. The spiritual gas, winding between the clouds and liquids, shows the strong and mild temperament of the great country. The whole body color of the big dragon can be mainly “Tianyu Blue”, “Emperor Yellow” and “Chinese Red”, and then boldly adopt the rare black color of Jingtai Blue, which is intertwined and solemn, and solemn. In contrast, bring out the wisdom of compatibility and accumulation.