Colorful Beast Ear Bottle | Ceramics

Guangcai is a specialty weaving porcelain in Guangzhou, which is known for its colorful and rich composition. Since the development of the Ming Dynasty, it has a history of more than 300 years. It is technically good at low -temperature painting on white glazed porcelain, creating a sense of luxury of “thousands of gold silk weaving white jade”. It is compatible with Chinese and Western painting methods. To express the life scene of Chinese painting, it is attracted by the style of mixing and matching the mood at a glance.       

The “Guangcai Beast Ear Bottle” has a full composition and rich colors. The left and right ears are fully displayed in Chinese culture, and its “golden land depicts the tangled flower” and “butterfly pattern” shows European -style mood everywhere. The bottle’s neck opens the window back and forth, and also depicts the character map of “talent meets the beauty”. The abdomen opens on all sides. There are two groups of patterns: “flowers and birds” and “characters”. “Flowers and birds” are full of spring.