Dafu Da Gui | Indian Red Sandalwood

The peacocks belong to the sunbird, and the Feng Wen is the incarnation of the ancient phoenix family in the world. There is a beautiful legend that “the peacock falls and the family is prosperous.” Walked with auspicious and luxurious symbols. In addition, peacocks can eat all poisonous insects, so they are often used as a symbol of banishing disaster.       

In summary, most of the businessmen love to set up or equip peacock patterns at home, which means that the future is similar, and the wealth is expensive. Ancient officials would also “show the peacock pattern case as clothing; the peacock flowers as the crown” to represent the level of the identity official level, while showing the personal power position.       

Rosewood is elegant, and the chlorophytum rosewood is the supremacy of wood. The peacock with this carving is full of energy and lifelike. Putting the home house can improve the feng shui, attract the auspiciousness, and help the owner’s officials and wealth, wealth and prosperity.