Dragon Cabinet | Rosewood

Classical furniture pays attention to “face”, regardless of the size, simplicity and complexity are all solemn and solemn, and the style is broad. The dragon cabinet is a cultural relic collection cabinet commonly used by ancient nobles. It is also a dowry cabinet that is necessary for women to get married. It can hold snuff bottles, walnuts, and seals in the front, and jewelry, jewelry, and handkerchiefs in the back. There will only be infinite relief and peace of mind. The dragon cabinet has one cabinet and four drawers. It can be plain or carved. The plain model is simple and simple, emphasizing the natural texture of famous wood, and has the style of Ming-style furniture; the two styles have their own yin and yang, and each has its own good chance when appreciated. The only thing in common is that it enhances the mood of the room and adds a sense of leisure and leisure to life.