Dragon Chair | Cloisonne

The dragon chair is the emperor’s royal sitting gear, also known as the throne. As the saying goes, “There is no two days, and the country has no two monarchs.” Therefore, the throne has always stipulated that the emperor can only be exclusive to the emperor, marking the right of true dragon emperor to the supreme country. There are three sets of Jingtai Blue Dragon Chair, with a total of two chairs. It puts aside the inherent model of the throne alone, and is set in a traditional hall furnishings with more interactive space. After being overthrown on behalf of the monarchy, the people still choose to inherit the royal culture culture , Keep this unique spiritual civilization into daily life or art.       

The overall copper tire plating combination of the blue dragon chair of the Jingtai blue dragon chair is a blue -bottomed silk lotus pattern. The back of the chair is drawn into three parts. The brain on the back of the chair cooperates with it. The red dragon is carved in the middle, and the blue dragon is carved on the left and right. The dragon head uses copper gold plating technology to live the majesty of the dragon. The chair surface is decorated with double dragon drama bead pattern. The left and right armrests are engraved with dragon -shaped, connecting the bronze -plated lion-headed beast feet in the legs, and forming three pieces of furniture with the Zhenglong pattern coffee table. In the hall, the pimple is full of spirit, full of king.