Dragon -pillar -style aromatherapy | copper tire gilt gold silk enamel

The Dragon Pillar is a traditional Chinese building with a long history and strong Chinese colors. In the period of ancient feudal society, the “dragon” was the symbol of the emperor, and only the nine-five-year-old was qualified to use it, and the dragon column was only seen in the royal palace or the royal garden. Now that the dynasty has fallen, dragon pillars gradually appear in the houses of noble families, celebrities, and wealthy people to reflect personal dignity and status. Since its development, the dragon column has become the most widely used decorative building in China’s squares, gardens, urban construction, etc. It represents the inheritance of “Chinese dragon culture”, and also entrusts the Chinese nation’s yearning for a better life. Bless the rich and auspicious earth.

“Bronze gilt cloisonné enamel dragon-pillar aromatherapy” turns buildings into furnishings, and adds aromatherapy functions, officially bringing dragon columns into the art of life. The set is made in pairs, with the meaning of double happiness coming to the door, and then cast with cloisonne and gilding technology, and its cultural value is very precious. The dragon column aromatherapy has three parts: pavilion, dragon column, and platform base. The pavilion is a double eaves and spire-like structure. The round eaves has an octagonal Chilong flying in the sky, and the gilt longevity pattern around the middle, implying prosperity and longevity. Under the pavilion, the dragon pillars are high to the sky, and the left and right pillars each have a mighty and domineering cloud dragon coiling the pillars to play with the spiritual beads, forming an auspicious picture of “Double Dragons Playing with the Pearls”, indicating that the future is clear. The double-layer platform under the dragon column is solid and solid, and the layers are filled with enamel glaze to fill in beautiful and auspicious patterns, such as the pattern of the back, the dragon pattern, the twisted branch pattern, the plum blossom, and so on, which add to the prosperity of the dragon. The bottom is also specially set with gilt drawers to place incense, so when the incense is lit, the fireworks will slowly rise from the bottom to the dragon column, and emanate from the hollow carved colorful clouds, brewing into the artistic conception of the sky and the earth, symbolizing the dragon. The successor is destined to be extraordinary.