Dragon Prosperity | Cloisonne

“Longteng Shengshi Transfer” was produced by the Beijing Gongmei Group’s white peacock art world. The elite of the Cloisonne Crafts Dai Jialin, Ding Minghong, Guo Ming, Feng Yanming, Feng Chao, and other masters were produced, and they were born to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The production unit adheres to the spirit of Chinese -style innovation and pursues the fundamental breakthroughs in the field. Finally, it has lived up to expectations, creating a Cloisonne transfer respected for the first time in 600 years, opening a new chapter in Cloisonne, and it has also become a new benchmark for future history. Beijing Gongmei Group is a Chinese national ritual institution. It has cultivated countless national art masters over the years and has also created countless important national treasures. It is a cultural cradle that inherits more than 30 peak craftsmanship in China. The Gongmei Group concentrated on making “Longteng Shengshi Transfer”, which not only welcomed General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “focusing on shaping the image of a large civilized country, focusing on showing the deep historical heritage of Chinese history, diverse and harmonious culture in various ethnic groups, and diverse culture.” Let the cultural relics speak and tell people historical wisdom. “The slogan is profound social significance.       

The main body of “Longteng Shengshi Transfer” adopts Chinese red glaze, which means that the Chinese national transportation is growing red, and the life of Huaxia Zimin is prosperous. It quoted “Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang, Three Lions Deduer” as the design concept, showing the nickname ring of Kowloon totem, Phoenix Zun ear, and lion, which aims to preach the mysterious power of the Chinese beasts. First of all, the neck pattern is tangled with peony patterns. The upper circle of Ruyi patterns, the next lap of banana leaf patterns, and the karma of the ribbon on the left and right of the neck. The combination is like the prosperity of the country’s prosperity, and the talents are flying high. Respecting the belly advocates interpretation of the scenery of Longteng Shengshi. A total of Jiuwei Tenglong gathered in the clouds, with the pearls of Zhenglong Town as the core, and the remaining eight dragons flew to the waves of the waves of the sea. At the same time, the masculine national image is conveyed, hoping that the whole people will create a prosperous world and promote the development of the economy. In addition, there is a three -sided lion heading around the belly, which means that the lion town house, disaster relief and disaster, and also represent the mission of defending the motherland and guarding peace on behalf of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. In the end, the tranquility’s circle feet are decorated with the torrential seawater patterns, and Feng Shui science has always taken water as the wealth. It can be seen that it is the meaning of transmitting wind and water and the rolling wealth.       

“Longteng Shengshi Transfer” appeared in the image of the turning bottle, which attracted much attention and became a highlight of the work. To achieve a full-body rotation of non-base rotation, it takes extremely tricky craftsmanship. It can be flexibly rotated by reaching the same bias without the slightest deviation. “Longteng Shengshi Transfer” has three levels: bottleneck, bottle body, and bottle bottom. The three must be placed on the same concentric circle, and the vertical line error does not exceed 0.01 mm to achieve the upper and lower convergence and smooth rotation. The production team was full of hard work, devoted his life to repeated trials, and finally successfully broke through the 0.01 mm challenge far more than the hair of the hair, creating a perfect proportional size, making the transshipment respect. This process of transportation is extremely cumbersome. It pays attention to high art, boldness, and carefulness. It must also be cast in conjunction with ancient court techniques and modern cutting-edge technology. It can be described as one thousand miles.