Dripping Water Guanyin | Thuja

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva has the heart of all living beings in the world and incarnates thirty-three statues to rescue people from disasters and difficulties. One of them is the dripping Guanyin, also known as Sprinkling Avalokitesvara. Dripping water Guanyin squeezes the formula with the left hand and sprinkles the water with the bottle in the right. The pure and clear nectar is sprinkled on the world to wash away all the filth, troubles, and sorrows, and save all beings from suffering.

Water is the source of all things. All things arise, live, and thrive because of water. Dripping Water Guanyin continuously sprinkles the nectar of great compassion on the world. This water-dropping Guanyin statue is specially made of the tumor scar of Taihang Thuja, and it is made by hand and finely, which makes the image of “Guanyin sprinkle water” more eloquent and multiplied.