Eight auspicious signs | Gilt copper filigree enamel

The Eight Auspicious Treasures, also known as the Eight Auspicious Tranquility, the Eight Auspicious Emblems, the Eight Duan Rui, and the Eight Treasures of Buddha, are the eight most iconic symbols in Tibetan Buddhism. The Golden Falun, Treasure Fish, Miao Lian, and Victory Tower together convey the meaning of happiness, auspiciousness, and success.

The eight auspicious treasures are integrated into one, and the combination is a complete set of auspicious symbols. According to Tibetan tradition, the eight auspicious treasures are the body parts of the Buddha. The umbrella is the head, the double fish is the eyes, the treasure vase is the neck, the lotus is the tongue, the golden wheel is the foot, the victory banner is the body, the conch is the speech, and the auspicious knot is. meaning. In Chinese Buddhism, the Eight Treasures correspond to the Buddha’s body organs such as the spleen, kidney, liver, heart, lung, stomach, small intestine, and bladder. It can be seen that the various meanings symbolized by the Eight Auspicious Treasures are closely related to the Buddha and the Dharma, and are used to promote the power of Buddhism.

The “Bronze Body Gilt, Cloisonné and Enamel Eight Auspiciousness” is dazzling, with a grand layout and meticulous decoration. Each of the eight treasures has a symbol, so the work is divided into two parts, the upper part is engraved with different symbols, and the lower part is designed with the same base so that the overall appearance of the work is harmonious and unified. Each has its own characteristics.