Eight Horse | Ebony

Horses are tall, mighty, and unrestrained. They have always been shown to the public with the image of galloping. In the development of human history, they have continued to assist human beings to achieve achievements. Whether traveling, fighting, leading the way, or relying on exhaustion, horses have always accompanied human beings and never gave up. Therefore, horses are regarded as auspicious animals in the traditional Chinese conception, and they also represent nobility and loyalty.

Horse-related handicrafts are full of spirit of perseverance and enthusiasm, which can drive the flow of wealth, promote career advancement, and even break through deadlocks and improve the status quo, which plays a key role in stabilizing the overall situation and supporting the crisis. Moreover, horses are of high moral character and self-improvement. They are brave and good at fighting externally, docile and sincere internally, and collect works of “horses from all directions”. In addition to cultivating their own temperament, they will also be very effective in creating an atmosphere of corporate unity and common externality.