Eighteen Luohan | Boxwood

The Eighteen Arhats are the eighteen Arhats in Buddhist legends who live in the world forever, benefit all living beings and uphold the Dharma. Arhats, Laughing Lion Arhats, Happy Arhats, Probing Hand Arhats, Meditating Arhats, Ear Picking Arhats, Cloth Bag Arhats, Banana Arhats, Long Eyebrows Arhats, Gate Watchers Arhats, Dragon Subduing Arhats, and Tiger Fu Arhats.

The Eighteen Arhats were originally disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha. When the Buddha was about to pass his nirvana, he instructed his disciples to stay in the world and spread the Dharma in various places because he wanted to make the Dharma spread to future generations and let all beings have the opportunity to hear the Dharma. Purdue all beings. “Eighteen” refers to the number, and “Arhat” was originally called “Arhat”, which represents killing thieves, lifeless, and supplying. They linger in the world, appear in various images or faces, silently maintain the peace and tranquility of human life, and are the closest Buddhist guardians to the world.