Eighteen Luohan | Red Sandalwood

The “Eighteen Arhats” carved by lobular red sandalwood is mysterious and extravagant. It is densely and deeply carved around the surface of the log, showing the liveliness and prosperity of the eighteen Arhats gathered together. The high-density lobular red sandalwood is rare in a century, and it is only possible to use it for three-dimensional deep excavation and carving, conveying a graceful and luxurious artistic experience from a distance and a calm and delicate artistic experience from a close-up.

“Arhat” is the highest fruit status in Theravada Buddhism. It has reached the limitless state of eradicating the troubles of the Three Realms and transcending the samsara of the world. The eighteen Arhats cultivated and became the Way, and stayed in the world according to the orders of the Buddha to maintain justice for people, exorcise evil spirits and block disasters, and at the same time bless everyone back and forth. The rise and fortune are rolling, and they are deeply admired by the world. The Eighteen Arhats have profound mana, and people generally believe that they can repel all evil spirits, such as the “Eighteen Bronze Figures” and “Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms”. The picture flexibly shows the mighty and amiable image of the Eighteen Arhats and shows the paradise on earth guarded by the Eighteen Arhats in the beautiful landscape.