European Female Statue | Ancient Sunken Wood

European-style female statues are the communication between humans and gods. They are full of artistic sensibility and present the unique sculpture aesthetics of the classical era. During the Renaissance, sculpture marked the exploration of human civilization. Artists expressed certain thoughts and emotions through figure statues. Among them, gods and goddesses were more common themes, often symbolizing inner freedom and rationality. In the society at that time, the idea of humanism prevailed, the mainstream of art changed from god to man, and he liked to praise the beauty of the human body. This beautiful female statue is full of curves. The back unfolds, accommodating her petite body, adding a touch of sacredness to the human brilliance, and conveying a sense of security that heals the soul. European-style female statues are a kind of social art. They stand quietly and do not need verbal communication. They allow us to communicate with her through watching, listening, and touching, so as to discover the most tender and delicate emotions in the depths of consciousness.