Family portrait | Rosewood

It is often heard that chickens and dogs croak for thousands of miles. Chickens and dogs have been pets to protect the peace of village houses since ancient times. It is believing that they are both courage and benevolence, and is a representative animal that protects the stability of the family.

The rooster and chick carved in rosewood have bright eyes, and they pile up calmly, just like a family’s blessing. Placing them in the hall or work place at home can boost the family’s momentum and make people energetically pursue their ideals. In addition, the feng shui chicken is a pair of hexagrams. It is a rare beast that is good at dealing with insects, centipedes, and even peach blossoms. It not only blesses the family health and harmony but also helps professionals who make a living with eloquence, such as teachers, lawyers, marketers, etc. Soaring in the field.