Fan-shaped Nine Dragons Screen | Old Rosewood

Rosewood “fan-shaped nine-dragon folding screen” as a whole is construed by “dragon”, and dragon drawings are scattered in every corner of the folding screen, which makes people feel amazed and convinced by its extraordinary temperament. The Nine-dragon folding screen is classified as furniture but it is better than furniture. It is like a masterpiece passed down from the ancient court. It is luxurious and solemn. It can be divided into two parts: screen and base.

The base is double-layered, with lotus petal patterns forming a waistline, and the “Dragon Playing Pearl” pattern embossed on all sides at intervals. The auspicious elements such as dragons, flame beads, and cloud patterns are tightly staggered on the square and structured outline, showing a sense of opulence and grandeur. The Nine Dragons folding screen is rightly placed on the base, and stands tall against the backdrop of a large ornately embossed “Nine Dragons Playing Pearl” picture above, watching the dragons roll among the clouds, the dragon head is three-dimensional, and the dragon tail is agile, showing a mighty state. The majestic momentum came. The other side of the interstitial screen is the Yuefu poem “Dragon of the Black Pool” written by the poet Bai Juyi:

“The water in the black lake is as deep as ink, and it is said that there are mthytical dragons that people don’t know about. There is a shrine on the lake, and the dragon can’t be a god. There are a lot of ferocious floods, droughts, and epidemics, and the villagers say what the dragon does. Every family raises pig and pouring sake in the cups by the lake. When the gods come, the wind flutters, the paper money moves, and the brocade umbrella shakes. When the gods go, the wind is quiet, the incense is extinguished, and the cups are cold. I don’t know how much the almighty dragon enjoy, and the foxes in the forest are drunk and full. How lucky are the foxes? How innocent are the pigs?”

In addition, the Rosewood “fan-shaped Nine Dragon interstitial screen” also has a spot worthy of attention. If you look closely at the link mechanism between the base and the interstitial screen, you can find that its shape is like a looming dragon body. It seems that there is a dragon clan hiding in the screen to swim, but accidentally revealing his figure, echoing the tale of “Dragon of the Black Pool”. The carvings of the Nigh-dragon screen are complicated and the dragon aura is strong. With the protection of the aura of these auspicious mythical beasts, it will definitely attract blessings, protect the stability of the country, and preserve the dignity of life.