Fang Er Bagua Furnace | Copper Tire

The “Bronze Body Gilt Cloisonné Enamel Square Ear Bagua Furnace” is engraved with the inscription “Made in Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty”, which is one of the enamel treasures collected by Emperor Qianlong in large quantities. If the Forbidden City in Beijing is the most honorable place in the world, then the cloisonné enamelware is the most precious utensil in the Forbidden City. Historically, it could only be supervised by the “Building Office” of the palace for the emperor’s enjoyment. The “Bronze Body Gilt Cloisonne Enamel Square Ear Bagua Furnace” should be an antique made by the emperor’s order.

The square ear bagua stove is a large tower-style incense burner with a cover like a pagoda and a body like a bronze li. The double-layer circular steps on the cover are equipped with a hollow carved jewelry button. The surrounding of the button cover is surrounded by gossip holes such as Gan, Kun, Kan, Li, Zhen, Gen, Xun, Dui, etc., which are used to permeate incense, indicating that the owner of the house is virtuous. , with the help of heaven and earth, thunder and wind, water and fire, mountains and lakes, etc., and has the power to preside over the overall situation.

In addition, the shoulders and necks of the square ear gossip stove are decorated with gilded edges such as banana leaf patterns and ruyi patterns, among which a square gilded chronology is engraved on the blue ground brocade to prove the identity of the appliance. There is a square crown ear hanging to convey the blessing of being promoted to an official and a career promotion in the shape of this official hat. The belly of the incense burner is generally decorated with tangled branches and flowers, with beautiful and dazzling colors. It is decorated with a fish-turned-dragon totem swimming between the two ceremonies in the middle. There are flying phoenixes on the left and right to protect each other. The “Bronze Body Gilt Cloisonne Enamel Square Ear Bagua Burner” is supported by a three-legged animal head and a lotus leaf base at the bottom, which makes the whole incense burner full of auspiciousness and peace, and blesses the royal atmosphere for tens of thousands of generations.