Fate | Old Rosewood

The mountains are quiet without speaking, and the water naturally understands its heart. Because of the way they grow, orchids can tolerate each other. This paragraph comes from Wang Xizhi’s “Lanting Preface”, which is metaphorical to pay attention to fate, and life is enough. It has both poetic and hidden mysteries. As a couplet, it is decorated with the dragon pattern on 7 sides, adding a touch of literary atmosphere to its highness and glorious.       

The decorations on the front and back of the sides are different. The front is based on patterns, and the overall scene of “group dragon drama beads” is carved. The back is mainly text, and the philosophy of Confucius educated the world is engraved. From “Dragon Culture” to Confucian culture, the temperament of the screen is continuously converted between noble and elegant, and perfectly presents the inherent cultivation of the Grand family of life. The “group dragon drama beads” are all auspicious. , “Wise people are not confused”, “brave people are not afraid”, there is a couplet in each quotation. The overall screen of the old rosewood has the front diagram and the later match and finally intertwined the vastness in the golden brown luster.