Feng Foo Dragon | Cloisonne

The cloisonne dragon and phoenix stove is a set of double stoves, with a dragon on the left and a phoenix on the right. Dragon and phoenix are symbols of nobility, honor, and auspiciousness in traditional Chinese culture, and are often used as a metaphor for leaders of lofty status or outstanding talents. The dragon, the king of the beasts; the phoenix, the head of the birds, are all leaders in the field, and often arouse the envy and admiration of others. In the long run, they have condensed into the traditional Chinese auspicious culture and settled into the aesthetic consciousness of the Chinese nation. The good wishes of “dragon and phoenix are auspicious” signify the luck and success of the owner.

The cloisonne dragon and phoenix stoves are divided into “dragon stoves” and “phoenix stoves”. Except for some differences in the display of individual details, the rest of the specifications are roughly the same, consisting of three parts: the top plate, the stove body and the base. The furnace body is the most eye-catching core of the whole. The dragon and phoenix furnaces each engrave “double-headed dragon” and “double-headed phoenix” here, indicating that good luck and good things come together. “Prolonging the New Years” picture is to convey the meaning of health and longevity. As a result, the Bafang incense burner is placed on the back of the double-headed dragon and phoenix, and when the aroma radiates from it, it forms the artistic conception of “blessing and shining in all directions”.

The top plate of the dragon and phoenix stove is decorated with an umbrella shape, with “Eight Dragons Zhenzhu” and “Eight Phoenix Zhenzhu” as the tops, and the bottom is a plate with lotus petals. Connecting the upper and lower ends, the overall expression is holy and noble. The base of the dragon and phoenix stove is in the shape of an oblate gourd. The upper ring is engraved with the mark of “Qianlong Year of the Qing Dynasty” and the pattern of auspicious beasts. It can be seen that each design of the “Cloisonne Dragon and Phoenix Furnace” is unique, showing the flourishing style of the royal craftsmanship.