Five Colors Character Story Plate

“Five colors is painted on glaze porcelain with various colors, including red, yellow, blue, green, black and other tones. The story of the characters described in this plate is exactly what the famous military family of the Northern Song Dynasty “”Yang Family General”” was in the four generations of men one by one.

After bravely resisting the enemy and giving their lives for the country, the women who were left behind were still stalwart, wearing armor and going into battle, continuing the legend of the loyalty of the Yang family. Among them, the weak court officials huddled in the tent to command, and the female generals went out to fight. They were not afraid of the enemy troops who were bare-chested on horseback and armed with strong soldiers. They did not lose their manliness at all.

The six sides of the outer edge are consecrated, all of which are in a good state. The praise of the peaceful world of the Northern Song Dynasty is entirely due to the achievements of the female generals of the Yang family in protecting the family and the country and guarding the frontier.

Originally owned by a private collector, this piece was auctioned at Christie’s in France after being authenticated by experts, and was sold in the Asian Art Sale from June 4th to 25th, 2021, lot 381″