Five Offerings | Gilt Bronze Cloisonne Enamel

“Five offerings with gilt filigree enamel on copper body” are made by royal cloisonné enamel process, and are commonly known as “Five Offerings Before Buddha”, “Three-legged” or “Five-legged”. The five offerings were supposed to be placed in ancestral halls to pay homage to ancestors, or placed in temples to worship Buddha, but the “five offerings with gilt filigree and enamel on copper body” are manufactured with national-level craftsmanship. The overall shape is complex and gorgeous, full of art and admiration. , and more exist as furnishings with profound ornamental value and cultural significance. The five offerings are arranged from the inside to the outside, in order: a censer, a tripod, a pair of candlesticks, and a pair of flower goblets. They are used for burning incense, burning candles, and arranging flowers, so as to assist in the completion of the Buddha worship ceremony. There are five offerings, and five offerings can be placed: incense, candles, flowers, fruits, and water. Incense represents incense; candles represent light; flowers represent virtue; fruits represent achievements; water represents purity so that believers can upload their wishes to the sky and take refuge in the Dharma.