Five Son Play Maitreya | Rosewood

Wuzi Opera Maitreya means five blessings , wealth, and well-being.

Maitreya Buddha is beaming with laughter, surrounded by five children, representing the five blessings of longevity, wealth, well-being, good morals, and a good death. He follows Maitreya Buddha innocently into our lives and wishes us a smooth life and good luck. The three stars of Lushou are high, just as they have continuously sent us mascots such as ingots, copper coins, gourds, jade scorpions, longevity sticks, and lucky beads. I hope our parents, partners, and children can always be protected by Maitreya Buddha, have a happy life.

In addition, Maitreya Buddha and his five children have actually been riding on the three-legged golden toad. This golden toad holds a large golden ingot, forming an excellent lineup for making money. The three-legged golden toad is a lucky beast. Legend has it that it only wants to live in places where treasures are hidden. Therefore, whenever a three-legged golden toad appears, there must be treasures buried in the ground. The three-legged Jinchan has a kind personality and often spit out money to bless mortals to get rich. As long as Jinchan faces the house and cooperates with the blessing of Maitreya in the Wuzi Opera, he can bless the family with wealth and fortune.