Flower blooming rich and peacock | Red Sandalwood

Peacocks are the most beautiful and kind, free, and peaceful birds. They can often be auspicious and prosperous. Because there are white parts on the top of their heads, the folks are more popular with accessories, and they are more likely to get old and happy love. If the craftsmanship of the peacock form in the family is like a happy blessing in life. The newcomer couples not only have family harmony, love each other, but also the quality of life will also be improved.       

In addition, the peacock screen has noble screens, gorgeous screens, and showing the dignified and dignified appearance of women’s grace and generosity. The beautiful posture makes her a symbol of praise for women’s appearance in ancient mythology.       

The peacock carefully carved by rosewood rosewood is quiet, looking straight ahead, and back to the peony to be placed, there is a lot of flowers and wealth, implying that family members have rich and precious achievements.