Fortune changes | Cloisonne

“Fulai Operation” Bandai Fuzun is a Chinese arts and crafts Master Liu Yongsen’s “COVID-19” (COVID-19). The epidemic is serious, especially in 2020 to pray for a blessing instrument. Master Liu Yongsen is proficient in various courts to build skills. This time, the five major craftsmanship, including carving, inlaid, filament, copper, and Cloisonne, to create the first dual rotation in the history of China’s “blessing culture”. Not only does it represent another great progress in the arts and crafts, but it also deeply interprets the culture of blessing.

“Fulai Operation” is covered with the auspicious concept of Chinese auspiciousness in terms of modeling or decoration. Moreover, Master Liu Yongsen has brought this proud work to the Beijing Royal Field Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and the Yonghe Palace to pray for China. The prosperity and royal family, the hope of praying for every household in the world, the hope of happiness and happiness in the world is more historically heavy, and the Qianqiu Fuze, which is enlightened and then enlightened. “Fulai Operation” Bandai Fuzun is set up with two sets of two sets. There are emperor blues and the red charm of the Forbidden City. It is made of a prototype of pomegranate pomegranate, combined with the style of Fubuku, and is based on the blessing of the blessing and the good luck. Fudizu’s carcass is superior bronze, with surface decoration of kilometers, colorful enamel, and pure gold, and uses stunts such as carvings, inlaid, filament, cast copper, and Jingtai blue. Let Fuzi full of blessings from the beginning to the end. In addition, the most eye-catching feature of Bandai Fuzun in “Fulai” is to break through the technical difficulties and achieve the dual rotation between the body and the base. Master Liu Yongsen played his extremely mature and wonderful craftsmanship, solved the problems of three layers of concentric in the aspects of fit, accuracy and peace, and other aspects. It is more flexible and has become a rare precious work in the world.       

The specific moral of Bandai Fuzun needs to start with Ti Liang. Ti Liang is plated with copper, which quotes the carving craftsmanship and carved Shuanglong Chengrui. The head of the dragon is burning and the dragon scales are shining. There is a round wall between the dragon mouth. , Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, and Jiaqing’s five emperors are the royal brushes; the back of the back is used to decorate the six-character Ji language, indicating that Longfu and Tianqi, and the five emperors bless the world. The Fuxi Hitter set off the Liuhe Ruyi button with the silk enamel flower, and the top of the button is inlaid with a ruby, which symbolizes the head of the fortune. Everyone is blessed. From this to the downward extension, it can also be seen that the golden hoop and the tassel inlaid with the filament inlaid with the blessing neck as the boundary. Among them, the texture is delicately woven, highlighting the overall luxury level, and the meaning of gold and expensive surrounds.       

The abdomen of Bandai Fuzun in “Fulai Operation” occupies the center position, which is an eye-catching point. Therefore, the design and ideas are more clever. There are double bats around the words, each with auspicious money or life peach pattern, and the blessing is in front of the eyes and the blessing is stretched. Outside of this theme, the whole body of the belly is also decorated with silk-wrapped flowers and flowers. The bottom of the “Fulai Operation” is the throne of lotus rotation at the bottom of Bandai Fuzun. Double-layer lotus flowers are elegant under the modification of the golden hoop. Each lotus has 12 petals, and the slices are dull. Tiangan is dry, the earthly branch is for Kun, and the lotus is all things, and the overall combination conveys the blessings of operating Qiankun and Fuze beings. It can be seen that the details of the Bandong Fuzun who prayed for the blessing flow of the blessings are all attentive everywhere, carrying the country’s deep care of all the people. I hope that “Fulai Operation” can drive the Sifang to gather blessings and bless the people’s peace. Healthy, Bandai stretch.