Four Books Cabinet | Old Rosewood

The “Siku Quanshu” rosewood bookcase is simple and heavy in shape, dignified and elegant. It is an indispensable large-scale classical furniture in the study of the ancient nobility, and it is also a proud collection of modern celebrities. In the subconscious of all Chinese people, knowledge of books and rituals should be the model of a gentleman, and the study, as a place to reflect personal accomplishment and culture, has functions such as reading, painting, office, and meeting guests. Meditate and concentrate, and it is also the place where you can show your personal charm. This rosewood “Siku Quanshu” bookcase is made of solid materials. It is divided into upper, middle, and lower layers. The layers of partitions are thick and heavy, which can protect the books from flooding and insect erosion for hundreds of years. It is a rare conscience today. It is a masterpiece, and a layer of two drawers is carefully designed under it, so that small stationery, booklets, etc. can be placed arbitrarily. In addition, the whole bookcase is fully carved with bamboo leaves and Ganoderma lucidum patterns, implying strong and free, and easy, eternal youth. The two plaques “Siku Quanshu” and “Study Four Treasures” also reflect the owner’s emphasis on books and knowledge, which makes people unconsciously admire them. Siku Quanshu is a large-scale series ordered by Emperor Qianlong, covering the wisdom of all traditional Chinese disciplines such as literature, history, philosophy, science, engineering, agriculture, and medicine.