Four person Small Round Table | Rosewood

A round table, four round stools, mahogany rosewood inlaid with marble, dark and light colors form a classic five-piece set, which is elegant and leisurely in the side hall. Small round tables are generally movable furniture and are most suitable for placing in the side hall of the host’s home to relax themselves. Occasionally, we gather here to chat and have a banquet with relatives and friends. There is no need to pay too much attention to etiquette. Everyone communicates feelings face-to-face, independently, and intimately, and promotes friendly relations with each other. It also constitutes the most important “reunion” of Chinese families. As the saying goes, the square table is formal and the round table is warm. The round table is an unguarded dining exchange for one’s own family. Everyone is close at hand and within reach, and the atmosphere can be described as harmonious and harmonious. The rosewood four-person small round table has an elegant and warm temperament. Its dexterous three-bent legs are particularly naughty. The edges of the table and chairs are carved with fruity grapes. Cozy moment of reunion.