Fruitful, rich and noble | Thuja

The golden fruit flower baskets are not only extravagant in appearance but also vivid in image. All kinds of melons, fruits, and flowers are concentrated in the blooming baskets, reflecting the vigorous atmosphere of flowers and business, bringing colorful auspicious meanings.

Fruits and flowers have always been symbols of vitality and beauty in traditional Chinese concepts. For example, apples represent peace; peanuts represent longevity; pomegranates represent prosperous children; cherries represent happiness and sweetness. Symbolizing shrewdness and strength, etc., the flower and fruit basket contains many flowers and fruits with different meanings and their own merits, which is quite a package of fragrance.

Thuja wood contains a mellow fragrance that has been accumulated for thousands of years, which is enough to refresh the heart and spleen, dredge the meridians, and accept its long-term influence.