Fulu Man Ting | Thuja

Gourd, planting blessing. The gourd is the best instrument for receiving blessings, representing auspiciousness and wealth, and it can also eliminate disasters and ward off evil spirits. The vine leaves of the gourd are lingering on the bamboo festival, just like a happy and stable family, the husband and wife are harmonious, the children and grandchildren are prosperous, and the blessings of the family are passed down from generation to generation, multiplying from generation to generation, creating a lively and prosperous lush atmosphere. Bamboo festivals report peace, gourds pass on wealth, and family prosperity is the reward for accumulating virtue all year round. Only by maintaining a pure heart of helping the poor and the weak, respecting the elderly, and loving the young, these kind seeds will be sown in the field of blessing. Harvest beautiful merit and retribution, protect family unity and harmony, prosper, full of vitality, and fortune.